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We recommend the use of a crate as a training and transition tool.
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I understand that the greyhound has never been in a home and will require my time and patience to adjust. (He may chew, dig in the yard, or steal food off counters. He's never climbed up or down stairs, and TV is an unknown.)YES    NO
I understand that the greyhound is bred to be an indoor pet and cannot live outside.YES    NO
I understand a greyhound cannot run loose because it is a sight hound and most sight hounds will instinctively chase any moving object regardless of danger. YES    NO

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Approximately how many hours a day would your greyhound be home alone?
Are you willing and able to modify your daily schedule to accommodate a greyhound's needs, such as going outside into a fenced area or walking on a leash to perform bodily functions at least three times a day?YES    NO
If you were away more than four hours, would someone be available initially to take the dog outside to perform bodily functions?YES    NO

Once you own a greyhound, would you be willing to receive a follow-up visit?YES    NO
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  1. Agree to give $195.00 to Monica's Heart, Inc. to help defray kennel and veterinary expenses for all dogs Prior to adoption. The following medical services will have been performed: spaying or neutering, heart worm test, fecal analysis, rabies vaccination, dhlpp booster, dentistry, nail clipping, as well as a general checkup.
  2. I will see that my greyhound receives medical care as needed as well as its annual vaccinations and spring heart worm test.
  3. I will see that my dog is exercised daily and is leash walked, or let off lead in an enclosed area, at least three (3) times each day to take care of bodily needs.
  4. I agree to maintain my greyhound as an indoor pet.
  5. I will keep my dog's Monica's Heart tag and a collar bearing a tag with my name, address, and phone number on my greyhound at all times.
  6. I will contact my Monica's Heart representative if, for any reason, I cannot keep my greyhound. I will not give my greyhound to a dog pound or animal shelter of any kind.
  7. I am responsible to contact Monica's Heart and let them know if I intend to return the crate or keep it, so that my check can either be deposited or returned to me. I will inform my Monica's Heart representative within 30 days of adoption of my decision regarding the crate.
  8. I will inform Monica's Heart if I move so that my address information can be updated. I certify that all information on this application is correct and that I will abide by the above statements.
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